Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn

Welcome to STEP 3...meaningful connections 

Establishing connects with both our internal and external environments are the basic tools needed to live consciously throughout our lives.

How often have you been so busy that your life feels disorganised, hectic and like you achieve nothing but stress and hassle.  Being dis-connected means that you are at risk of lacking true joy and meaningful relationship with yourself, others around you and nature.

The more connected we are to all of these things the more positive possibilities we tend to perceive as a result, the more options we have and the more powerful we become.

Learning to live in a way that is truly in line with yourself will bring you a sense of overall wellbeing and knowing that your intuition will always guide you to make the right decisions.

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Connecting with your internal and external environments

Connection with the internal environment

Connecting with your internal environment can mean different things for different people. Some may find they have a more spiritual view of their world, whereas others may prefer a more logical approach. Many of my clients are too busy to establish a meaningful connection to themselves and this can lead to self destructive behaviours, addictive habits, and negative health outcomes. Some examples of the tools you can use to support that connection are:



  • Establishing and maintaining achievable goals

  • Practice being true to yourself rather than constantly working towards making others happy

  • Connection with spirit / higher self / inner knowing / intuition

  • Practicing meditation

  • Engaging in reflective practices such as journaling

Connection with your external environment


Meaningful relationships:

Solid scientific evidence shows that the quality of your relationships affect a range of health outcomes, including mental health, physical health, and mortality risk, which all have an impact on the immune system. It is very important to identify the people around you who bring you joy; this is because spending the majority of your time with these people literally does help to keep you healthy.


Connection to nature:

No matter how bad your day has been, being outside immersed in nature can immediately bring calm and balance back into your life. The experience of being in nature helps shift you toward a state of deep relaxation, which can improve sleep, boost immune function, and counter the adverse effects of stress on energy metabolism, insulin secretion, and inflammatory pathways. So if it is a choice between and hour in front of Netflix or a walk outside - GET OUTSIDE!!