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Welcome to step 5 - Reduce toxins

You may have heard many health professionals and scientist make comment that you don't need to support your detoxification systems because our bodies are perfectly capable on their own.  

This is only partly true, because yes we have amazing capabilities to remove waste products and toxins from our bodies however we are living in time where we are BOMBARDED my man made chemicals, from personal care products, make up, household cleaners, industrial pollution, medicines, pesticides and herbicides, car fumes, perfumes and lets not forget that there are internal toxins generated by viruses, pathogens, bacteria, heavy metals and processed foods.  In order to be able to handle these toxins we not only need optimal function of the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, digestive tract and lymphatic system, we also need GOOD nutriton.  Without the right level of certain nutrition detoxification capabilities become compromised.

Many years to poor toxin elimination will ultimately lead to metabolic imbalances, excess fat storage and the proliferation and growth of cancer cells and tumours.

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Toxins and the immune system

Toxins are a major disruptors to the immune system. While I understand that it is impossible to remove all sources of toxins from your environment, there are number of lifestyle choices that you can make to reduce your exposure and also become more resilient to them.


Consume organic fruit and vegetables where possible

OR prioritise your purchases based on the "dirty dozen" list.  See the picture below that lists the current "dirty dozen". These are the foods that have been tested as having the most pesticide residue. If you are interested in finding out more about pesticides then a great resource is


Drink clean water.  

Although tap water in the UK is safe to drink, it does contain trace amounts of chlorine, fluoride (in many areas), and xenoestrogens, which are forms of oestrogen from the contraceptive pill and HRT use plus use of industrial pollution. Although these levels are considered as safe, we see no reason why any amount should be consumed. I thoroughly recommend you distil your water or at the very least invest in a good water filter. Reverse osmosis is the best form of filtration and a good basic water filter is from Berkey water system range.


Reduce your plastic use

It has been well established in the scientific literature that plastics can leach in to food and water. This puts extra burden on detoxification pathways as they work hard to clear these out of your system. Where possible do not consume food or drink that has been stored in plastic and store food in glass/non plastic containers.


Check what goes on your skin

Personal hygiene products contain a cocktail of chemicals and it is thought that by the time we have finished getting ready in the morning we have applied or consumed hundred of different chemicals. Check you labels and where possible replace with chemical free products.


Check your cleaning products

For the same reasons as what you apply on your skin, traditional cleaning products around the home can contain highly toxic ingredients and fumes. Swap out your products for kinder alternatives. Ecover and Method are great brands to go for. Alternatively you can also consider making your own cleaning products. There are plenty of resources for these online.