Autoimmune disease

Specialist nutrition and lifestyle management support

There has been a significant rise in the incidence of autoimmune conditions within the UK and often once all medical interventions have been exhausted patients can be left trying to manage the debilitating symptoms of their condition alone.

To develop an autoimmunity you must have in place

3 major factors :

1) A genetic predisposition

2) A trigger

3) Intestinal hyper-permeability  

Autoimmune diseases are currently incurable, but lots of research is going on to develop further understanding behind mechanisms and interventions.  The main aim for dealing with autoimmunity is to promote and prolong remission periods and fortunately there is a lot that can be done to help support your condition. 

A common mistake that is often made by practitioners is that they try to do too much in one go.  We see many clients who have spent thousands of pounds on testing and have a whole bag full of supplements, some of which may be further exacerbating the condition.  This is why it is really important for us to work slowly and gently through your nutrition program.

As a client of Be|nourished, we will work together through your health timeline, and explore potential triggers and methodically produce a nutrition and lifestyle plan which will aim to support you in the best and safest possible way..

Be|Nourished '4Roots' autoimmunity protocol

part of the functional nutrition

consultation process

Improve your nutrition

Identify food intolerances

Optimise food intake

Eliminate harmful foods

Nurture your microbiome 

Optimise digestive function, oral health and identify pathogens

Support the whole  microbiome

Clean up your environment

Identify & remove external toxins

Optimise detoxification

Address negative habits

First Aid for 

your lifestyle

Support stress and sleep

Address relationships

Incorporate movement


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"Nutritional therapy can work beautifully alongside medical intervention.  As part of your client intake process and to ensure safe and best practice, we will request copies of your medical notes and access to be able to communicate with your healthcare providers.  Throughout our time working together we will ensure that we will update your healthcare providers on any nutrition and lifestyle interventions that we recommend."

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