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What to expect:

✓ 1.5-hour initial consultation

✓ Extra support through your plan

✓ Menu plans 

✓ Recipes 

✓ Recommendations for functional tests 

✓ Recommendations for supplements

✓ GP referrals where needed

Benefits may include:

✓ Improved energy levels

✓ Improved digestion

✓ Improved relationship with food 

✓ Improved nutrition status

✓ Improved resilience to stress

✓ Decline in sugar cravings

✓ Improved sleep

Personalised Functional Nutrition

Specialist nutrition and lifestyle management support

Food comes first! Within a personalised nutrition program will focus on stripping nutrition right back to basics, laying down solid foundations on which to build and layer upon.


We combine science-based knowledge with traditional holistic practices and believe that everyone is in possession of a body that has the ability to heal itself, detox itself and protect itself without the need for supplementation, pills, powders and quick fix diets.

The core principles of how we practice comes from the Functional Medicine model. Functional Medicine seeks to address the underlying cause of imbalances, dysfunctions and disease, by shifting the traditional disease-centered focus to a more client centered one.

We will spend time getting to the root cause of your symptoms and put together a carefully selected personalised plan which can be designed to support your symptoms or to simply optimise your nutrition status.