Be|Nourished 'DeepDive' digestive health protocol

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Digestive Health

Specialist nutrition and lifestyle management support

Since starting our practice we have watched with interest the evolution of the knowledge on the digestive system, there is still much that we do not know however its is widely accepted that imbalances within digestive tract play a role in the development of many pathologies.

The digestive system is responsible for a number of important functions:

Digestion and absorption of nutrients

Interacts synergistically with the immune system

Protects the internal environment from pathogens and toxins

Houses the microbiome 

Eliminates waste products

Protects against obesity 

Protects against low grade chronic inflammation

Supports hormone clearance

The delicate functions of digestion can be easily disrupted by a number of dietary and lifestyle factors, likewise medications such as antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors and the contraceptive pill can cause imbalances with the microbiome and detrimentally alter your natural ecosystem.  We see many clients come through our door having spent a fortune on testing and supplements, however in most cases we have found these to be completely unnecessary. 


We work with our clients to identify the root cause of symptoms by taking a deep dive into health histories so that we can develop a personalised plan to support digestive health.  We not only look to the gut itself but we consider supporting the nervous system responses that promote healthy digestion, we will support the unique ecosystem within your mouth, stomach and intestines,  optimise the production of digestive secretions and identify stress responses and foods triggers



A modified low allergy diet plan with strategic re-introduction phase to identify triggers

Optimise digestion 

Support oral health, support HCL and digestive enzyme production, and support gut motility.

Support barriers

& Microbiomes

Rebalance the microbiomes throughout the whole body

Support barier 

Address your stress

Support stress and sleep

Address relationships

Incorporate movement

"Nutritional therapy can work beautifully alongside medical intervention.  As part of your client intake process and to ensure safe and best practice, we will request copies of your medical notes and access to be able to communicate with your healthcare providers.  Throughout our time working together we will ensure that we will update your healthcare providers on any nutrition and lifestyle interventions that we recommend."

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