After just week 1 I knew this was a game changer.  It is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Sugar & Spice Wellbeing
Female wellness 28 DAY MIND & BODY RESET programme

Are you are currently struggling with information overload? 

Have you tried everything possible to achieve your health and fitness goals? Used methods such as Intermittent fasting, cutting carbs, not eating after 6pm, not training with weights incase you get bulky? 

Do you have no time? 

Are you a working professional, a member of the "sandwich generation"caring for both children and elderly parents,  a busy mum trying to fit in the time for look after yourself?


Are you burned out?

Frazzled by being on the go constantly, but then get to bed not being able to sleep?


Do you suffer with hormone imbalances?

Irregular, heavy or painful periods, skin breakouts, PMT, peri-menopause, 

"If you answered yes to the above it may be time to sign up to our 28 Day Mind & Body Reset Programme"


Here is how our 28 day programme can help you:

  • Easy to follow recipes and meal plans – That are in synch with your hormones and help to balance your blood sugars, support stress responses and improve your overall body composition – real food for real women.

  • A movement method plan – Workouts and movement methods to promote strength, balance and calm. These plans should be quick, effective and improve overall body confidence.

  • Self Care and Mindset Coaching Tools – Learn tools and mindset hacks to help you navigate overwhelm, negative thought processes and detrimental self-soothing practices for some kickass self-care and mood boosting activities. Get more connected to yourself.

  • Member only access to our private Mind & Body Reset Community Group – Change requires support and what better way than to join our community of goddesses.

  • Weekly accountability group checkins – This is not about stepping on scales but keeping yourself accountable to putting your needs and wellbeing first. If you drop a dress size or glow a bit brighter then this is just an added bonus.

  • Advice from the experts – Receive expert advice from Kim & Rachel who have over 20 years combined experience within fitness, nutrition and coaching.

Say NO to quick fixes, self doubt and the BS dished out from the diet industry

Say YES to learning the skills to look after your wellbeing 

Say YES to putting yourself first

Say YES to joining an awesome community of GODDESSES

Our programme cost just £45 and it will change your life and current way of thinking

Fill out the contact form below and come and join us xxx


We are based on the South Coast of England and run a private face to face clinic, online consultations and workshops.  For press enquires please email 

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If you're thinking of doing this program don't wait another minute, sign up now! It is such a refreshing approach and isn't about "diets" or tough workout regimes. For me this has been the missing link for years, it's about giving you the tools to change how you think and feel about nutrition, movement and, fundamentally, yourself. It's also incredible value, Kim & Rachel are so knowledgeable and supportive and have your back all the way. If you need any more convincing, the food is amazing and baked oats for breakfast is a game changer!

I joined a programme with other ladies all on different journeys wanting to reach out to change mindset and lifestyle For me I thought as a fit person I was in top condition but i struggled to maintain and keep my mental health I could not imagine the change in myself could be so rewarding, uplifting, insightful and overall results are amazing The learning tools your given are so inspiring and open your mind to better ways. Its your choice to use them. No pressure at all 😊. It's about you making choices to suit you. I defy anyone not to get something from this 😊 Imagine waking up and knowing your enough.

I've rediscovered the joy of food, cooking and it's no longer a chore! Enjoyed food again with peace of mind that it's all nutritious and well balanced.

Thank you Rachel and Kim for such a comprehensive programme. You are both so knowledgeable and supportive. The whole family has benefited. I’ve lost weight but gained so much more.

I'm fitter, healthier and i am learning to listen to my body for the best results

Amazing value for money, you guys are so knowledgeable and supportive. The online community part of the group was probably the part I was least sure about but it's been great, the other ladies have been really supportive, people have felt able to open up about their situations and the element of accountability has been invaluable. Looking forward to meeting everyone in "real life" when we can

I never felt hungry and felt like I was getting a really good variety of foods.

This has been a total game changer. I have exercised for many years and always my ethos was ‘go hard or go home’. Rachel and Kim have educated me. They have given me an insight into how my hormones are affected by my diet and exercise and what they need to be rebalanced. By stepping back and listening to my body I have seen positive results - I am 50 years old, peri-menopausal and have had significant trauma. By following the programme I have seen a reduction in my night sweats and hot flushes, I am less bloated and I have more energy. The mindset tools have been brilliant helping me connect with my inner self , it’s been challenging and is a work in progress but Kim and Rachel’s support has been consistent throughout the programme encouraging me. I can not recommend the programme and Sugar and Spice enough. For me it’s been amazing.

I am enough ;)

since using the recipes provided by Sugar and Spice I have felt so much better in myself.  The recipes were brilliant. I’m a rubbish cook but they were really easy to folllow.

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