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Performance Nutrition Coaching

Functional sports nutrition to get you performing at your best

Research into Sports Nutrition is constantly evolving. Every year more data is being made available on food timing, hydration, utilising macro’s and the effectiveness of supplementation.


Taking a functional approach to supporting athletes means that time is spent working with ongoing goals as well as tailoring plans that take into account individual needs, which may include gut health, DNA polymorphisms, hormonal fluctuations, detoxification and antioxidant requirements which tend to be overlooked with traditional plans.

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, we can work together to help you achieve your sporting goal.

What to expect: 

✓ 1.5-hour initial consultation,

✓ Support throughout your program

✓ Functional sports nutrition recipes

✓ Bio-Impedance analysis

✓ Recommendations on functional tests

✓ Recommendations on supplements

Benefits may include:

✓ Increased stamina

✓ Increased endurance

✓ Improved recovery

✓ Improved healing

✓ Improved health outcomes in later life