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Personal Fitness Training Session
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Professional Support Program...

Professional Support Program...

Personal Fitness Training Session
Nutrition Consultation
Supporting Personal
Trainers (PTs)...


In addition to aiding therapists, we also extend our support to Personal Trainers (PTs). PTs are often the first line of support for clients seeking health and fitness solutions.


Many clients invest in training sessions and although some nutrition guidance can be provided Personal Trainers are not equipped through their current training to individualise or personalise nutritional needs.


We aim to elevate PTs' offerings by supporting them in incorporating blood testing, stool testing and nutrigenomics into their toolkit. By providing specialised training, guidance, and access to practitioner only testing, we empower PTs to offer personalised nutrition plans and exercise programs that can significantly enhance their clients' outcomes.

Supporting Natural Health Practitioners...


At BeNourished, we understand that the world of healthcare is evolving, and with it, the demands placed on practitioners like you.


The landscape of patient care is changing rapidly, with an increasing number of complex chronic health conditions emerging. These chronic cases will continue to rise and it is important to ensure that continual professional development is maintained within this area.


We recognise that as a newly qualified therapist, or even those of you that have been in clinical practice for a long time, may sometimes feel daunted by the prospect of taking on such complex cases. That's why we are here to offer you the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to excel in your clinical practice.


We are working hard developing the online learning materials and will have it ready to launch later in the year.

In the meantime, please join our LinkedIn Group page here and also subscribe to our mailing list here so that we can keep you posted regarding launch.

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“In healthcare and fitness, learning is an ongoing journey. Leaving the classroom is just the start because knowledge is ever-evolving, complex cases will challenge your expertise, and your clients' diversity requires continuous adaptation, to ensure that you are always working for your client and not regurgitating protocols that you have been taught in a course – personalised healthcare is not in a protocol, pill supplement or exercise plan, personalised healthcare is understanding the unique needs of each individual”

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