The best thing about my job is witnessing how small simple changes really lead to positive results.

My client and I started working together 5 weeks before needing to make weight for a bench press powerlifting competition. 

Original weight was 56kg and the goal was to make weight for the under 52kg weight category.

We only had a short time to reach the goal.  The main focus was to improve overall body composition by dropping weight gradually without compromising muscle mass or energy output.  

Analysis of a typical 3-day food recall showed that calorie intake was well below estimated basal metabolic rate.  In this instance it is important to note that food intake that doesn’t meet basic requirements makes that body more efficient at storing fat.  

The first priority was to increase overall calorie intake.  The programme also calculated specific protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements, to help boost fat loss, maintain muscle mass and aid recovery.  We also included plenty of fruit and vegetables.  This helped to boost vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake as well as provide fibre to aid digestion and support detoxification.  Meal timings were also planned as well as the inclusion of a robust supplement regime.

Weekly bio-impedance analysis tests showed a consistent decrease in fat mass with no loss of muscle mass and energy output remained good.  The final weigh in came in at 51.7kg with a solid final bench press lift of 67.5kg.  

We turned traditional cutting programs on their head by actually increasing calories, not reducing them and tailored nutrition to specific training needs.