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Rachel Jessey Nutritional Therapist

            the story so far...

The BeNourished journey...

My journey began during my childhood when I experienced a perplexing array of symptoms – nosebleeds, sudden skin rashes, unexplained panic attacks, chest pains, and frequent cramping.  These symptoms would come and go, but I didn't pay them much attention.  


In my early twenties, my symptoms escalated, and I encountered facial paralysis, tingling sensations throughout my body, I lost the vision in one eye, had recurring aura migraines, and uncontrollable panic attacks. After consulting numerous doctors, I received a diagnosis of optic neuritis and, subsequently, multiple sclerosis, which I was told was an incurable condition that would require lifelong medication and this was all the medical profession was able to offer me.


This diagnosis was a wake-up call but one that I refused to accept and I decided to take matters into my own hands. Seeking alternative solutions, I turned to a naturopath who swiftly identified that I was if fact suffering from Lyme Disease – a condition stemming from multiple tick bites dating back to my early childhood.  My treatment commenced with antimicrobial and antiparasitic cleanses, I poured over the teachings of famous naturopaths and natural medicine doctors, and I discovered the transformative power of nutrition, gut health, and detoxification. Gradually, my symptoms faded, alternative medicine has offered me something that mainstream medicine was not able to provide... and that was healing!


Now I’m in my late forties, I've enjoyed good health with only a handful of minor setbacks, I understand that stress is a major trigger for these setbacks, along with poor sleep and poor nutrition, so for me choosing a healthier way of living has become second nature to me, but it didn’t happen overnight and I still slip up. 


My knowledge and experiences really came to the forefront in 2019 when my son fell seriously ill during a family holiday. He was initially misdiagnosed with pneumonia but by the time we were able to convince the GP to admit him to hospital we realised that he had suffered with a burst appendix that had led to full-blown peritonitis and late-stage sepsis, my son was on death door.  Thanks to skilled surgeons, he survived his operation, but his recovery journey was far from over, he spent 5 weeks in hospital and once he was finally discharged, he battled extreme weakness, muscle loss, anorexia, PTSD, and a set of symptoms associated with a little-known condition called Post Sepsis Syndrome.


Once again, my efforts to seek support from mainstream healthcare providers yielded limited guidance, dieticians seemed to have very little knowledge of Post Sepsis Syndrome and my doctor had never heard of the condition. Left with no alternative, I took it upon myself to support my son's recovery. I immersed myself in extensive research, delving into the microbiome's role in sepsis and post-sepsis recovery, the immune responses following a sepsis event, PTSD, and the effects of nervous system dysfunction. My approach involved the nutritional interventions, microbiome manipulation, patience, love, and collaboration with a childhood trauma expert to address his PTSD.


Over the course of four years, my son transformed from being unable to eat, walk and fearful of the outdoors to becoming the captain of his football team and the fastest runner in his year group. He is truly thriving and myself and my family are so proud of his grit and determination.


My extensive research and expertise put me ahead of the curve when it came to understanding Long Covid. I recognised that, like all other infections, Covid-19 had the potential to produce post-viral symptoms. The similarity in immune responses between Covid-19 and sepsis allowed me to explore microbiome manipulation and chronic health conditions early into the pandemic. I began sharing my research on the oral, nasal, and gut microbiome, which gained worldwide recognition. I now collaborate with research groups worldwide, aiding them in publishing research and developing products and long covid protocols. 


My approach, though initially unconventional and not in line with what you will find on the internet, is proving very effective in clinical practice. I approach everyone’s case as unique avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions, just because a particular product works for one person doesn’t mean that it will for another. It is important that everyone comes away from the one pill / one supplement fixes all approach. I continue to stay at the forefront of research, ensuring that my knowledge remains current and effective.


In summary, my journey from a mysterious array of symptoms to discovering and conquering Lyme Disease, and helping my son recover from a life-threatening illness has shaped my passion for natural health and nutrition. I know my health outcomes would be completely different today if I had taken a different path.

Rachel Jessey

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"It's my mission to empower individuals affected by chronic health conditions through evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle interventions, to improve quality of life and facilitate recovery."

Rachel Jessey Nutritional Therapist

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