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What do clients say about us...

Partnering with Rachel following ongoing digestive, respiratory and fatigue issues post Covid infection has been a joy. Her genuine interest, knowledge and kindness has been so incredibly helpful.​

With so much information about the new discoveries in the gut microbiome and gut/brain axis it is a difficult journey to go alone, whether trying to work out what to take on board or what to dismiss. Rachel is a firm hand to hold. She has gently and sensitively guided me to take back control of my health, enabling new confidence, wellbeing and healing.

Blessings and thank you again Rachel,

Rachel's knowledge of best-practice and thought-leadership across multiple subject areas in her industry is reassuring to say the least. In fact, her hunger to find answers and solutions that will improve patient wellbeing, including my own, is clearly driven by a high degree of passion for results, her considerable intellect and unwavering professionalism.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Rachel on complex disease research. Rachel has intrinsic ability to quickly grasp both biophysics and quantum biophysics concepts and then apply that knowledge to the molecular, biochemistry, and associated pathways to understand effects within diseases. She is by far one of the most effective and intelligent scientists I have had the pleasure to work with and I look forward to continued collaboration.

Rachel is very informed on the gut-brain connection and was the first medical professional that didn't treat me like a medical mystery. She enthused me with confidence in my body's ability to heal and with some small lifestyle tweaks directed by her I saw improvement every month. Rachel really cares about you as an individual and isn't afraid to deep dive into your history and picks up on small leads and won't waste your time on superfluous medical tests, only those she deems suitable to you and your specific situation. Every call with Rachel has left me feeling only more confident in myself and in a space of 4 months I've gone from great anxiety, fearing gastric flare ups and daily bouts of pain to virtually symptom free- I am no longer a sick person! She helped me get my life back, be able to have the energy to enjoy exercise again and be able to travel and share emails with friends and family-something I never thought I'd be able to do again! She combines her excellent scientific knowledge with high levels of empathy and openness to different healing approaches giving you all the tools and support to permanently fix underlying issues--no prescriptions, no reliance, no masking the problem. If you've tried all the doctors, all the diets or you're just feeling like a totally anomaly in your healing journey I'd 100% recommend Rachel to guide you step by step from place of frustration to a place of health.

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