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When we at BeNourished work with clients suffering from mould toxicity it is important to ensure that the correct protocols are in place with the patients but it is equally important to locate, identify and remediate the source of the issue within the property to safely and thoroughly remove the root cause of the health issues.

WHITE KNIGHT Service Group based in the Midlands, UK, has been providing specialist Bio-Hazard, Mould Removal, Indoor Air Quality, Property Restoration and Decontamination services since 1984. Through years of research and development, coupled with extensive field experience, WHITE KNIGHT are market leading in specialist areas such as mould remediation and even have their own in-house laboratory for chemical, biological, analytical and mould microscopy services. 


Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction and working to the ethos of “get it right, first time”, their professional reputation is unrivalled, and their unbiased consultancy and expert scientific knowledge is 

renowned within their industry.


All WHITE KNIGHT colleagues are highly trained in-house and via ongoing external examinations. 

No matter what your situation within your property, WHITE KNIGHT is 

equipped with an appropriate and proportionate solution.


6 Phase Mould Removal Process

White Knight 6 phase mould removal process infographic

Rachel says...

"At BeNourished, we understand that health issues related to mould toxicity can have a significant impact on your well-being. That's why we highly recommend our trusted affiliate partner, WHITE KNIGHT Service Group. With their specialised expertise in property remediation, they excel in eliminating the root cause of mould-related health problems. By partnering with WHITE KNIGHT Service Group, we ensure that your journey to improved health includes a holistic approach that addresses both your nutrition and your living environment."

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