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Long covid 19 virus

Long Covid... navigating the journey beyond the infection...

Long Covid...

In April 2020, my journey into the Long COVID space began when I encountered my first patient struggling with lingering COVID-19 symptoms. This individual, like many, faced the daunting prospect of losing her job due to persistent health challenges. Unable to invest in supplements or costly treatments, we decided that a back-to-basics approach was the most appropriate solutions and included dietary optimisation and targeted support for the oral and nasal microbiomes. Remarkably, within two weeks, her condition improved significantly, allowing her to return to work full-time. This experience alongside the previous research I had conducted during my son’s recovery, confirmed for me that the microbiomes have an impact on Long COVID recovery.


Motivated by this case study I became an active member of both the Long Covid Coalition and the Long Covid 19 Foundation and began collaborating with many researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide. I delved into various aspects of Long COVID, including spike protein detoxification, inflammation management, micro-clot/micro-fibrin formation, and mast cell activation and many other related symptoms.  Further developments in research have identified that the spike acts as a bacteriophage and release toxic peptides that enter the systemic circulation.  The microbiomes provide the perfect place in which viral persistence can occur.


Over the last 3 years I have become a referring practitioner of many UK based private laboratories and this has enabled me to collect data supporting the hypothesis that viral or spike protein persistence disrupts commensal bacterial species in the microbiomes. This disruption affects communication networks between the brain, lungs, and mitochondria, and is a major contributor to ongoing inflammation and endothelial dysfunction.


In summary, my journey in the Long COVID space began with a patient's remarkable recovery through microbiome-focused interventions. This experience led me to actively engage in research, collaborate with experts worldwide, and offer accessible support to those in need.

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"The research on the Microbiomes is dynamic and constantly evolving, for this reason there is no such thing as a 'microbiome expert'.  However, as I study these microbial communities, I uncover more information about their profound impact on health. In the context of Long COVID, ongoing research reveals that the microbiomes play a pivotal role the development and recovery from Long COVID.  Stay informed with me as I navigate this exciting yet evolving world of microbiome science."

The Microbiomes

The microbiome is a complex and diverse ecosystem of microorganisms that inhabit various parts of the body. These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. Many areas of the body house a unique microbiome and include (but are not limed to) the gut, mouth, nose, lungs, kidney, urinary tract, reproductive tract and skin, such as the gut (intestinal microbiome), mouth (oral microbiome), and skin (skin microbiome), hosts its own unique community of these tiny life forms.


This microbial community is akin to a thriving city, with different microorganisms playing distinct roles. Some act as beneficial citizens, providing valuable services to your body. For example, in the gut, certain bacteria help break down food, extract nutrients, and produce essential vitamins. In the mouth, specific microbes contribute to oral health, and some have been reported to be triggers for the development of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  On the other hand, there are microbes that could be considered troublemakers, like unruly neighbours causing disturbances. These harmful microorganisms, when they overpopulate, can lead to health issues.  Ongoing research into the intricate connections between the microbiome and our overall health remains a top priority for me and it is important to understand that this is still a very new area of research.

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