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Nouveau Healthcare say that Healing Histamine is a journey, but it's a journey which they have made simple and, most importantly, accessible. They have spent over a decade researching, understanding and, most importantly, reversing histamine symptoms.


They started their journey because they wondered why it was called histamine intolerance. How can you be intolerant to something your body naturally produces? So, they focused on binders, in particular our first brand Toxaprevent which is the safest, cleanest and most natural form of Zeolite Clinoptilolite (pronounced 'Clin-op-til-o-lite'), which is proven to detox histamine, heavy metals, aluminium, mould, mycotoxins, aflatoxins, ochratoxins, nitrosamines and other toxins from the body (Yep, it's a long list!).

It's time to detox correctly and, most importantly, reverse your histamine symptoms.


Nouvea Healthcare Nutritional Supplements products

Rachel says...

"Many of the fantastic products available from Nouveau health have formed an integral part of my protocols within clinical practice, particularly for those who have histamine, sulphate and mould issues.  This product is not absorbed by the body but binds to toxins throughout the digestive tract to safely take them out of the body."

How to buy with a 5% discount...
Click here to visit the Nouveau Healthcare website, select your products and use the code benourished15 when you check out to receive your 5% discount

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