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Advanced NutriMapping Sport

Available Online

Cutting-edge offering that redefines how you approach your performance.

  • 1 hour
  • 550 British pounds
  • eConsult

Service Description

Overview: Introducing Advanced NutriMapping Sport, the ultimate programme for sports nutrition. I use precision dietary analysis, genetic testing, and a comprehensive food intolerance assessment, to provide a cutting-edge offering that redefines how you approach your performance. The Advanced NutriMapping Sport assessment takes you on a journey that deciphers the intricate relationship between what you eat and how you perform. I analyse your responses, providing insights into the nuanced connections between your diet, fitness, and performance.  By integrating genetic testing, I uncover your genetic predispositions, offering a roadmap tailored to your DNA. But that's not all – my comprehensive food intolerance testing pinpoints your body's unique responses to different foods, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed choices.  This is personalised sports nutrition at its best, designed exclusively for you. ​ Who is this programme for: - Individuals who want to unlock the secrets of their body's unique relationship with food using state-of-the-art DNA testing - Those who want to identify and address reactions to foods (known or unknown) - Individuals who want to personalise nutrient intake and make informed choices about foods that promote optimal performance and health ​ What's included: - 60 minute e-consultation to discuss test results and interpretation - 7 day food diary analysis using 'Cronometer' app - YourGutMap DNAMap test - worth £300 - YorkTest Premium Food Intolerance test - worth £139 - Basic personalised sports nutrition and lifestyle pack  - Full drug/nutrient/supplement interaction check - Discount on supplements - Recipes / meal planners

Contact Details

+44 (0)7443 400025

Hampshire, UK

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